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Exact Solution for Two-Phase Flow in Porous Medium with a Material Discontinuity [testing]

This is the online implementation of the 1D integral solution of two-phase flow in porous media with a material discontinuity Fučík et al. (2008). Please, cite our work (see references below).
Warning, this is software is experimental: the accuracy of the solution is not guaranteed. Please, report errors to


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Model selection

Model selection

Fluid properties
$\mu_w$[kg/m/s]dynamic viscosity of the wetting phase
$\mu_n$[kg/m/s]dynamic viscosity of the non-wetting phase
Material properties
Left domain $x<0$Right domain $x>0$
$K$[m$^2$]intrinsic permeability
$S_{wr}$[1]residual saturation of the wetting phase
$S_{nr}$[1]residual saturation of the non-wetting phase
$S_i$[1]initial saturation
Brooks and Corey model parameters
Left domain $x<0$Right domain $x>0$
$p_d$[Pa]Brooks and Corey model parameter: entry pressure
$\lambda$[1]Brooks and Corey model parameter: pore size distribution index
van Genuchten mode parameters
Left domain $x<0$Right domain $x>0$
$\alpha$[1/Pa]van Genuchten model parameter
$m$[1]van Genuchten model parameter
$n$[1]van Genuchten model parameter
Problem parameters
$R$[1]flux parameter
$t$[s]the solution will be plotted and exported at this time
Computation parameters
nodeslength of the discrete vector
max_itermaximum number of iterations
$\epsilon$stopping criterion of the iterations


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